Play Jackpot Slots at Bonanza Slots

Jackpot slots are so much more of what people think when they first hear about them. It’s not just another casino game in a list, it’s a one in a lifetime ticket. The prizes available through our jackpot slots are sky-high and can truly shock your world.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. We will first try to give you some info so you are clear with the terminology surrounding the jackpot slot games, before we highlight some of the best jackpot titles available at Bonanza Slots.

Why Play Jackpot Slots?

Well, one might rush and say – TO WIN THE JACKPOT! However, there are many more reasons that play into jackpot slot games other than.

There are indeed hundreds of normal slots that offer jackpot-like prizes, with some even going up to 3000x your bet amount. These are indeed fascinating games, but they are still not equal to jackpot online slots.

Jackpot slots carry all the features that are available in new slots online, such as free spins, multipliers and bonuses, but have an extra layer to them. A maximum win, the ultimate prize a player can win at an online casino – their featured jackpot.

So, why not experience all the positive aspects of modern slot games, like free spins and fascinating bonus rounds, while also having the possibility to win a grand prize? This is our justification behind the true value of jackpot slots, as even if you don’t win the maximum prize, you can still win from all the other possible winning possibilities.

Jackpot Glossary

There are some terms that play into these complicated, but alluring games – which is better to be aware of before you get going. This is how you will never have false expectations from the game you choose to spin on!

Fixed Jackpot – a jackpot apparent in slot game that doesn’t change.

Progressive Jackpot – a prize within a jackpot that constantly increases until it is won. Each stake is added to the prize and when someone wins it starts from 0.

Minor Jackpot – many jackpot games tend to have different jackpot prizes, with the minor being the smallest. It is always a fixed jackpot.

Medium Jackpot – another common type of fixed jackpots within slots is the medium jackpot. It might also come under other terms.

Grand Jackpot – this is the best jackpot you can win on a non-progressive jackpot slot. The rewards varies based on your bet and it is fixed.

Volatility – this is a term that describes how often a jackpot slot pays out a win. There is low, medium and high volatility games. Jackpot slots tend to be on the low side.

RTP – the return to player rate is the value of money a slot game will payout to the players in the long run. It is always lower than 100%, as the house tends to have an edge over players.

Golden Crown – this is a term related to the jackpot king progressive slot, which highlights the number of symbols needed to progress through the bonus.

Wheel King – the final stage, where the ultimate prize can be won in the Jackpot King Progressive slot.

Cash Trail – this is the second stage in the jackpot king progressive slot.

Reserve Pot – this is the minimum prize that is available in jackpot slots, so the progressive jackpot pays out an amount even if someone just won the progressive jackpot.

Promotional Pot – this is the prize of the jackpot, which increases every time a player places a bet on this particular game.

Types of Jackpot Games

Before we get into the best jackpot slots on Bonanza Slots, let us first highlight to you the different jackpot categories:

Daily Jackpots

Many slot games and slot sites have daily jackpot prizes set in place. These are awarded to a winner on any given day. Every time a player bets on this game, its cash pool rises until someone wins it. This is one of most secure types of jackpot slots, which is also very rewarding.

Jackpot King

The jackpot king progressive pool is a huge pool prize which increases by 3% of each bet placed on title carrying the Jackpot King brand within their name. This is quickly becoming one of the most popular slot game categories.

Mega Jackpots

This is the highest prize pools one can win on any given slots site, as they incorporate a percentage of each bet placed on the site across both normal and jackpot slots.

Progressive Jackpots

Progressive slots are also very popular, as they have a prize pool which grows based on each bet placed in the particular slot by all punters. Highest progressive reward ever given stands at €18 million.

Network Jackpots

Lastly, promotions by the game developers are also often available slot sites. These can include daily, weekly, monthly and progressive network jackpots. You can look out for those and play the featured games to have a chance of winning the maximum payout!

Best Jackpot Slots in Ireland

Below, we will list some of the most popular jackpot slot games in Ireland, which are all featured on Bonanza Slots.

Sugar Train Jackpot Xmas

We start by suggesting one of the Merry slots available on our site, which also carry a jackpot. Sugar Train Xmas jackpot slot is a 5x25 reel/payline jackpot slot that has an RTP on 90%. Some of the bonuses here include free spins, scatters and gamble. Besides the normal action and the bonuses, which can reward you up to 500x multiplier and 25x free spins, there is jackpot prize which is triggered at random here.

Very Merry Christmas Jackpot

Is it that time of the year again? During the Christmas period in 2020 you own yourself a spin at the Very Merry Christmas jackpot slot. There are three progressive jackpots, three bonus rounds and the bets start as low as 0.01 with this Eyecon game. The RTP here is at the low side, with only 89.98%, without however factoring in the jackpot prizes. Roll the letters M-E-R-R-Y from left to right and you can win up to 3,000x in the form of a fixed jackpot here.

White Wizard Jackpot

At 5x3 reels structure, White Wizard Jackpot involves a lot of action. The RTP value is at 89.9%, which is pretty low, but there are free spins, scatters, multipliers, substitution symbols, gamble feature and a jackpot to raise the this slot amongst the top games in the industry.

Beat the Bobbies Jackpot

The RTP in this Eyecon slot is 90.54% and there are 243 different ways to win here. It is London based slot game with symbols themed in an Irish theme. Action takes place in 5x5 reels in Beat the Bobbies jackpot and the key to the jackpot lies within the penny scatter:

5 respins with 10x multipliers

8 respins with 5x multipliers

10 respins with 4x multiplier

15 respins with 3x win multiplier

20 respins with 2x multiplier bonus

Besides the above, there is also a progressive jackpot slot available in Beat the Bobbies Jackpot, which can be triggered at any given time!

Irish Luck Jackpot

Irish Luck slots are truly popular in IE and this 5x25 reels/paylines slot is truly something else. With symbols related to Ireland and payouts up to 1,000x your initial bet nothing can go wrong. There are 3 progressive jackpots in Irish Luck jackpot slot, which all trigger at random. You can do your thing spinning the reels and wait for the jackpots to hit! The RTP here is at a 89.90%, but if you count in the 3x aforementioned jackpots, then this increases by 3%. Maximum wins from the jackpots stand at 10,000 coins.

Play Jackpot Slots at Bonanza Slots

Now that you are accustomed with the terminology playing into jackpot slots, we believe you are ready to set off. Deposit €10 through our payment methods and get your hands onto our 500 free spins for Bonanza Megaways.

It is not a jackpot slot, but it can help you build your bankroll upwards and then move on to play some of the jackpot slots mentioned above. At Bonanza, we also have some bingo online games with jackpots available.

Good luck and happy Spinning!